I look forward to it every week

“I have attended yoga classes on and off since I was in my late teens (which is a number of years ago now).  After a couple of years of not doing any yoga, I returned to it by joining Yvonne’s class.


Although I know and remember a lot of the postures, I have really enjoyed attending Yvonne’s class because she is generous with her knowledge, explaining each posture in detail along with the benefits derived from each one.  This has helped me to be more precise and check that I am working the correct muscles in each posture.  I have also very much appreciated the importance she attaches to the breathing in each posture.  I have found that I have been getting further into the postures because of the breathing and I am therefore getting much more out of my yoga sessions.


I have never practiced seasonal yoga and the other aspect I really appreciate is the explanation of the relevance of yoga to the seasons and also I love the capturing of the energy at the end, along with the spiritual mantras.


Yvonne’s class is enjoyable from beginning to end and I look forward to it every week and what I will learn in sessions to come”.