Over 60’s (Wise Ones)

Yvonne your teacher

A bit about me – I started classes in 2014 due to poor mental wellbeing and physical aches and pains. After my first class, I knew yoga was for me. I was soon attending 3 classes a week and feeling good.
Realising what a gift yoga was I completed my teacher training. My aim is to share the benefits of yoga with as many people as I can. You can never be too old to try it
Note: Wise ones is not Yoga – I teach a simple easy standing or seated flow for mobility and well being.

Why should you try the wise ones?

  1. It will help your memory
    Memory is protected through the learning of complex patterns of movement, like yoga, through both the learning of the movemenrts themselves and also the chaining of the movements in series to form a sequence challenging the memory.
    Memory and the Human Lifespan – Steve Joordens

  2. It will help your immunity so you can stay well
    Immunity and efficiency in fighting infection directly correlates to sleep time…the more sleep you get the better your immunity. The better your health is the leass you need the doctor and/or medication. Enough quality sleep prior to recieving your flu shot increases immunisation efficiency.
    Why We Sleep – Mathew Walker

  3. Tried and tested over thousands of years
    The Wise Ones system is built around illness prevention rather than cure – TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) thrives on this system and has been used for over 3000 years. The program has been designed by Sue Woodd and Julie hanson and together they have over 80 years experience in the fields of exercise, health & wellbeing, Chi Gung & Yoga. You are in the hands of experts.



I have attended Yvonne’s Yoga Breath Excersise Class since it started. I enjoy it very much and find it most helpful, beneficial and enjoyable. She is a most patiernt, helpful and understanding teacher, emphasising the importance of exercising within your own comfort zone. I always feel very much better after her class and look forward to attending for many years to come! Thank-you Yvonne.”

Since starting the class my breathing has improved and I am sleeping better.

“I have only recently joined Yvonnes over sixties class and can already feel a benefit in my breathing. I was diagnosed as a ‘shallow breather’ (hyperventilation) and got breathless quite easily. That is not happening quite as frequently now so hopefully this will continue to improve through time.
Yvonne is a very patient teacher. She takes the time to explain how we can help ourselves by doing the various exercises shown to us.
I will continue with the class as long as I am able.”

“Since I started yoga with Yvonne my neck & back pain has improved. I sleep better & if I do have difficulty dropping off I just do the breathing she taught me. I find it beneficial.”

“I found Wise Ones a short time ago and really enjoy the class. Yvonne is a gem and very patient with us ‘oldies’. The exercises are quite easy yet I do feel more relaxed and sleep better now. Still learning to breathe properly.”

“I have been participating regularly for over four weeks now. At first I was sceptical about the benefits of yoga exercise – how wrong I was! I am one of the younger members but I suffer from asthema – chestiness. My breathing is definitely improving week on week, I am breathing deeper, clearer , since I consciously practise the exercises given by Yvonne.
I have also noticed that the degree of flexibility I can achieve is slowly, but continuosly improving too.
I have benefited too from the relaxations at the end of the class – very calming but I also feel re-energised ready to face the stresses of life.
Thank you Yvonne.